Is nothing sacred to the woke mob? As conservatives have noted with dismay, “wokeness” has come for comedy, Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head, and now the cancel cadre is out to ruin… Disney? That’s right, at least according to Las Vegas attorney, conservative Christian and longtime Disney World fan Jonathan VanBoskerc, who penned a recent opinion piece for the Orlando Sentinel complaining that Disney is abandoning the “guest immersion” experience that Walt Disney himself promoted by phasing out “problematic” aspects of the park like Trader Sam of Jungle Cruise fame and the “wench auction” in Pirates of the Caribbean, and allowing employees to show their tattoos.

In this clip Cenk, Jayar and Julie Oliver address VanBoskerc’s concerns that “immersion” is being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, with Cenk pointing out that conservatives have been trying to “cancel” Disney for decades, all to no avail because the vast majority of Disney fans don’t mind that the company changes to adjust to the times.

Julie, meanwhile, suggests that maybe the real problem VanBoskerc isn’t admitting to himself is that his kids have outgrown Disney World, and instead of blaming Disney, he should stop forcing his 16-year-old son to keep up a family tradition that’s not age appropriate any more.

Watch the full clip for more, including:

  • Donald Duck’s ugly history as an anti-Japanese bigot
  • Why conservatives like VanBoskerc would object if the topics of offending exhibits in Pirates of the Caribbean were taught in school
  • How conservatives decrying “cancel culture” are really reacting to the younger generation’s turn to progressivism
  • How this attack on “wokeness” is really an attack on capitalism