Last Monday Kellyanne Conway did what Kellyanne Conway does best: lie to the American people. Commenting on the mosque terror attack that horrifically killed 50 Muslims in Christchurch, NZ, Conway defended Trump on his past comments, saying that the “president condemns hate and evil and bigotry.”

“Donald Trump has spread hatred towards Muslims, period!” Cenk declared, referencing the ridiculous travel ban back in 2017. “He still has not put out a statement saying ‘there should be no hatred or fear of Muslims.’” Though, that’s not to say he hasn’t issued statements in the past defending certain groups from criticism—namely, white supremacists. "Remember, after the hate march in Charlottesville, Virginia, he felt the need to refer to 'some of those individuals' as 'very fine people,'" added Ana, before rolling examples of Trump’s Islamophobic remarks. Hows’ that for receipts?

The hosts highlighted the mainstream media’s obsession with debating Trump’s “intent” and “message,” despite overwhelming evidence and soundbites of him perpetuating violence against the Muslim community. “He stokes fear and encourages violence against minority groups on a regular basis,” said Ana. “To say that he condemns hate and evil is ridiculous.”