When people in Washington DC whisper, legendary reporter Carl Bernstein tends to hear it, and what he’s heard for the last four years is that many elected Republicans think Donald Trump is unfit for office and a dimwit, but they’re too cowardly to say so publicly. Well now Bernstein is going public, on Twitter identifying 21 different GOP Senators, including the likes of Marco Rubio, John Cornyn and Susan Collins, who have privately stated that Joe Biden won the 2020 election while publicly continuing to support Trump’s quixotic effort to overturn the results.

In this clip Cenk and Ana heap scorn on the cowardice displayed by Republican legislators who feel they must stifle their true feelings about Trump lest they face the president’s wrath. Cenk calls it a “profile in cowardice” but also warns that as soon as Trump is out of office, the mainstream media will wipe the slate clean and pretend none of this happened as they resume their love affair with corporatist Democrats AND Republicans. Ana, meanwhile, throws to a video compilation Jayar created showing many of the weak-kneed Republican Senators outed by Bernstein as they heap fake praise on Donald Trump.