Among the cast of unsavories, grifters and lunatics Donald Trump collected into his hapless legal team, few were more preposterous than Sidney Powell. She’s the one who famously went on Fox Business to allege that the Trump team would soon “release the Kraken” by revealing proof of voter fraud — proof that never actually emerged. Well, now Powell is back in the news, as she’s forced to defend herself in a defamation suit brought by Dominion Voting Systems over specific allegations of fraud that the company claims were false and that Powell knew to be false.

As John and Amanda Nguyen discuss in this clip from The Damage Report, Powell’s defense appears to be resting on the premise that her claims of voter fraud were so transparently nonsensical that no reasonable person could have believed them. Amanda describes this defense as beyond satire, and argues that anyone with the merest control over their faculties can tell that what Powell and her lawyers are proposing is insane.

John points out that attorneys representing Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones have launched similar defenses in the past, alleging that their clients’ statements should never be taken at face value, or that they’re merely playing characters when they issue risible or outlandish proclamations. And while the hosts understand the legal reasoning behind such a defense, they wonder at the response from fans and supporters who are essentially being told, “You’re incredibly gullible for believing the utter nonsense I spew,” and then they just keep on believing it anyway.