After making a big show of refusing to host Trump attorney Sidney Powell on his Fox News program until she could produce actual evidence of voter fraud, Tucker Carlson faced a severe backlash from the MAGA crowd, so in his return to the air he backpedaled furiously, questioning the validity of the electronic voting and claiming that “the system was rigged” against one candidate — Donald Trump — by the media.

In this clip Ana and Cenk take Carlson - and his fellow Fox News host Laura Ingraham - down for willfully misleading their audiences and lying about voter fraud claims and Donald Trump’s prospects for overturning the results of the 2020 election. Ana actually agrees with Carlson about the election being unfair, except she cites the attempts at destruction of the United States Postal Service and intimidation of voters and poll workers as evidence that Biden, not Trump, was the target of vote suppression.

Cenk meanwhile also gives Carlson credit - but only for being particularly weaselly in his language, claiming that the system was “rigged” but pointing the finger of blame at the media, not the actual voting system.

“So he can tell his audience, ‘I said it was rigged, I told you Trump was robbed,’” Cenk says. “But then when anyone credible challenges him, he'll say, ‘I didn't technically say that the votes were rigged. I never technically said that. I said it was rigged in other ways.’ So you see how this game is played.”