You would think after CNN's hiring snafu last week that the network would be on its best behavior, but Monday night's Bernie Town Hall proved that the mainstream media is no friend to progressives. Today on The Young Turks, Cenk and Ana went in-depth on CNN's lack of transparency—and they didn't hold back.

Highlighting the news org's failure to properly label several participants, Ana assured the TYT Army that she was not attacking the people asking questions, but rather, CNN's unethical behavior. "Viewers should know who these individuals are, where do they work," said Ana. "It gives the audience an idea of where this person's perspective is coming from as they're asking the question."

Sure, the questions were fair, but the backgrounds of those inquiring shouldn't have been omitted from us. An American University student asked Sen. Sanders a particularly tough question concerning his response to sexual misconduct in his campaign ranks. It was later reported that that same student was an intern for a Capitol Hill lobbying firm. "Bernie Sanders' agenda would obviously not help lobbying firms in DC…there is no question that CNN should have revealed her other attribute,” Cenk pointed out.

One thing is for sure, Cenk and Ana are done defending CNN.

Check out the clip: