Each day that passes and brings us closer to November 3rd reveals the extent and breadth of efforts to suppress and depress the vote, primarily in states run by Republicans. Viral videos of long lines on the first day of early voting in Georgia and Texas have revealed the results of GOP leaders’ determination to keep voters in heavily Democratic areas from exercising their right to vote.

As John and Adrienne Lawrence discuss in this clip from The Damage Report, limitations on voting stations, broken voting machines, a shortage of poll workers, Voter ID laws and a range of other factors are driving the long voting lines, and that’s by design. Another key battle has been over drop boxes, with Texas’ GOP Governor Greg Abbott recently winning a federal appellate court ruling that counties could be limited to just one ballot drop box, even if that has meant certain voters have to travel for over an hour by car to reach one.

As John points out, the ruling comes from an appeals court consisting of three Trump-appointed judges, demonstrating the usefulness to the Republican cause of judicial court-packing. Adrienne, meanwhile, notes that Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has not said she will recuse herself if a case that will decide the presidential election comes in front of the court, so the GOP’s focus on judges may pay major dividends to the party - with devastating consequences for our democracy - very soon.