It was an almost giddy Cenk Uygur who took to YouTube Live on Sunday to deliver his thoughts on the current polling in the presidential race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. His jovial state, he admits, comes as a result of a combination of factors - first, the delicious beverage from TYT sponsor Too Strong Coffee he’d been drinking; and second, the latest blockbuster poll from Washington Post/ABC News putting Biden ahead of Trump by 12 points nationally.

Delving into the poll’s details, Cenk points out that Americans now identify the coronavirus as the biggest issue facing the nation, and 62 percent of respondents say they don’t trust Trump to handle the pandemic properly. 62 percent of voters saying you’re not trustworthy on the biggest issue represents electoral disaster for an incumbent, Cenk says, and that’s what Trump is facing.

Cenk then goes into a state-by-state breakdown of the key races leading to the 270 votes necessary to clinch an Electoral College victory, and how current state polls reflect a map that is not only unfavorable to Trump, but significantly worse than the map he was competing over at this point in the 2016 race.

For Cenk’s full thoughts on all the battleground states, watch the entire clip.