Donald Trump himself, along with many of the members of his inner circle, have previously contracted Covid-19, with a few of his prominent supporters, like Herman Cain and Turning Point USA co-founder Bill Montgomery, even dying as a result, yet the President continues to downplay the severity of coronavirus. Most recently on January 3rd tweeting (back when he still had a Twitter account) that death rates from the virus in the US are “far exaggerated.”

In this clip from The Damage Report, John and Francesca note that Dr. Anthony Fauci has lately adopted a more adversarial tone when debunking Trump’s disinformation. Fauci is now emphasizing that the crisis is real, the deaths are real and the strain the virus is placing on the nation’s hospitals and ICUs is real. Francesca says the denialism coming from Trump and his fellow Republicans reminds her of Holocaust deniers, and that the comparison is particularly apt considering that coronavirus’ victims are disproportionately black and brown. So where is our Nuremberg, she asks?

John, meanwhile, points out that the same people who freaked out and insisted on countless hearings over the four deaths in Benghazi are now pooh-poohing hundreds of thousands of deaths here in the US, to say nothing of their factually-challenged cries of “voter fraud.”

“They care more now about fictional dead voters than actual people dying,” he says.