By: Zachary Shucklin

This past Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. published a piece in The Hill whining about how no one looks at his Instagram posts. Citing shadowban conspiracies, pulled advertising and demonetization plots, Trump Jr. cried that, “Conservative content was strangled in real time, yet fringe leftists such as the Young Turks boasted “free reign” on social media." Unsurprisingly, Cenk and Ana had some thoughts.

"He literally might not know…because he's not very bright…that Facebook does not give your content to all of your followers,” said Cenk. “They don't do it for you. They don't do it for us. They don't do it for anybody." Had Donald Trump Jr. done a smidge of research, he would have learned that Facebook only shows a fraction of your content to a fraction of your followers to incentivize you to spend—wait for it—money.

Unsurprisingly, Trump Jr.’s op-ed was littered with hypocrisies, iterating that social media needs to balance things out, despite the fact that Ronald Raegan, long worshipped as THE conservative, killed the Fairness Doctrine in 1987. "You're talking about censorship, your dad said the federal government should investigate Saturday Night Live and late night comedians because they made fun of him,” said Cenk, pointing out real threats to the First Amendment. Trump “consistently goes after legitimate news sources for accurately reporting that he’s a criminal,” added Ana. “He doesn’t like it. He wants to censor them.”

Providing some algorithm 101, Cenk explained that Facebook, for instance, metrically rewards content for being popular; the more people engage with it, the more it will be seen. Thus, it should be a no-brainer that our message trump’s his in both morals and metrics. “That’s the problem with conservatives. They view equality as oppression,” said Cenk. “Yes, now we’re equal, and that’s why you’re getting your ass handed to you on social media.”