Enough time has passed since the January 6 assault on the Capitol Building by white nationalists, QAnon devotees, Proud Boys, Evangelical Christians and other right-wing Trump supporters for the pollsters to have surveyed public opinion, and the results are… not very promising.

As Cenk explains in this YouTube Live video he recorded over the weekend, the “total headlock on the brains of tens of millions of Americans” (Cenk’s phrase) that Trump wields appears to remain intact despite the transparent act of insurrection the President inspired and goaded his followers into committing. Among other findings, polls show that while 28 percent of Republicans say they strongly oppose the attack on the Capitol, 29 percent say they strongly SUPPORT it. Add in those who don’t feel strongly and the number of supporters still outpaces opponents 45% to 43%. This disparity Cenk describes as “total insanity.”

Delving deeper into the numbers, Cenk finds some promise in the number of Americans - 88 percent - who said the attack was wrong, including 80 percent of Republicans. Except it turns out that many of those Republicans consider Joe Biden responsible for the assault on the Capitol, which may explain why 55 percent of Republicans say that Trump should be blamed, quote, “not at all.”

Perhaps the most pertinent statistic, however, Cenk says, is the 83 percent of Republican voters who believe that Trump should not be removed from office. That’s the figure most GOP Members of Congress will see and realize that voting against impeachment will be key to retaining the support of those voters, and with them their seats in office. So unless those figures change dramatically in the near future, Trump’s place in the Oval Office should remain secure until Inauguration Day. Groan.