Alt-right figure Paul Joseph Watson once famously tweeted that, quote, “The right is starting to get better at comedy and it's making lefties nervous.” That Watson is a known conspiracy theorist should come as no surprise, since he clearly doesn’t care much about evidence. In fact, if “Gutfeld!”, the new late night “comedy” show on Fox News starring Greg Gutfeld is any example, the evidence is clearly on the side of the right getting even WORSE at comedy.

In this clip from The Damage Report, John and Aida agree with the consensus that Gutfeld’s show is painfully unfunny, and if he continues to present the same kind of lazy, out-of-date, poorly rehearsed material that was evident in his first effort then his chances of taking on the Stephen Colberts and Jimmy Fallons of the world are already zero. What made the show particularly hard to watch, Aida says, is that Gutfeld himself believed the material was absolutely hilarious. The other problem, she says, is that Gutfeld seems to think that the point of comedy is to offend. The reality is that comedy should be surprising and thought-provoking, she says, and in the process people might get offended, but that’s not the sole objective.

John says he finds it amusing that Gutfeld claims that he’s going to use comedy to attack corporations — a claim that might be plausible if the show were on YouTube, but as long as a giant corporation like Fox News is airing his program, the proposition that Gutfeld! represents any kind of threat to corporate America may be the only funny thing about the show.