It was probably a mistake for the State of Texas to turn its entire energy grid over to a consortium composed of antifa, the Chinese Communist Party and NAMBLA, but that’s exactly what happened, if Republicans and conservative commentators are to be believed, anyway, and now the state is paying the price. Fox News host Sean Hannity has been quick to run with the nonsensical argument that frozen windmills rather than penny-pinching from the state’s Republican leadership in thrall to energy companies, has been responsible for the current sub-zero weather crisis unfolding across the Lone Star State.

In this clip from The Damage Report, John and Jayar discuss the right’s desperate attempt to point fingers at the Green New Deal, at Al Gore, at AOC - pretty much anywhere but back at themselves for this colossal failure to protect Texans from a highly predictable weather event. John also notes that Texas isn’t supposed to face these sorts of extreme temperatures, but thanks to climate change they’re now a reality, and yet the elected officials in charge want to respond by turning even more to fossil fuels, which will spur more climate change and merely worsen the problem. Great idea!

Jayar says that since Texas Republicans’ instant reaction to this crisis was to deflect, cover their asses and point fingers - with Governor Greg Abbott deciding his number one priority was to appear on Hannity rather than, say, making calls to get a hold of any available generators - that’s a pretty good indication that they’re not going to do anything to ensure that a similar crisis doesn’t unfold the next time unseasonably cold weather descends on the state. Good luck, Texas!