If you thought that the first impeachment of Donald Trump dragged and ran long, like a late era Tarantino film or a Bruce Springsteen concert, then you were no doubt delighted that the process moved along much more quickly the second time around, with the House agreeing to send impeachment papers to the Senate after less than a day of debate. And while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has expressed an openness to the possibility of convicting Trump, he’s made it clear that the Senate won’t take up the trial this time around until January 19, which will be far too late to render a verdict before Joe Biden is sworn in the next day.

In this clip John and Ana discuss the proceedings, noting with some pleasure that ten House Republicans voted with Democrats in favor of impeachment, meaning that Donald Trump has now been impeached as many times as all the other presidents combined,. Still, a full 95 Republican House members voted “no,” meaning that they believe, for whatever reason, that Trump’s involvement in the Capitol invasion did not merit removing him from office.

Ana points out that while some argued that the effort to remove Trump was not worthwhile with only a week left in the President’s term, they failed to factor in that a successful impeachment is also a deterrent, establishing strict lines separating acceptable from unacceptable presidential conduct while also denying the impeached individual the opportunity to run for public office ever again. John, meanwhile, says he agrees with the rumors that McConnell is secretly pleased about the impeachment moving forward because he’s eager to be done with Trump’s distracting pain-in-the-neck behavior and get back to focusing on using the levers of government power to further enrich the corporate and wealthy interests who bankroll him.