Tuesday was an emotional and anxiety-filled day for anyone who closely followed the case of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, on trial for the murder of George Floyd. As you’re no doubt aware, the jury deliberated relatively briefly before returning guilty verdicts on all three counts against Chauvin. The verdict was greeted with relief by most supporters of the movement to defund or reform policing in the United States, but few who understand the systemic problems with law enforcement in this country suggested that justice had truly been done.

In this clip Ana and Francesca reflect on their feelings about the verdict, the state of the Black Lives Matter movement and whether this case could prove transformative for the movement. Francesca admits she was not optimistic about this outcome, having long ago recognized that police in this country can almost always kill with impunity, but that this result reflects the dedication of organizers, protesters and activists who spent the past year demanding that George Floyd’s murder be addressed and the individuals responsible brought up on charges.

Other key points the two address include:

  • The sentencing guidelines the judge will take into account before making his determination eight weeks from now on Chauvin’s prison sentence
  • The ongoing reports of police killing and brutality that continued to roll in as this case proceeded
  • Whether this one result will have any effect on the “virus” of racist, abusive police culture
  • Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ response to the verdict