The Impeachment of Donald Trump, Part Deux appears ready to premiere in the House, where there’s little question Democrats will unite (along with some complement of Republicans) to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, but what will happen in the upper chamber remains a wide open question. Stirring the speculative pot on Tuesday was Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who reportedly told associates that he supports House Democrats’ efforts to impeach Trump over the insurrectionary acts at the Capitol last week.

As Cenk and Ana discuss in this clip, a McConnell flip to “yes” for impeachment would be a big deal, and likely would reflect that a significant wing of the Republican Party is seeking to make a break with Trump and purge him from the party. Ana says that if she were a Republican lawmaker, she too would seriously consider voting in favor of impeachment, not because of a sudden realization of how detestable Trump is, but because he will likely remain a destabilizing influence dragging the party down for years to come, and impeachment would at least render him unable to run for public office again, taking him out of the 2024 presidential picture.

Cenk argues that Trump’s persistent popularity with the party’s base makes conviction unlikely as things currently stand, but he also argues that if the President refuses to tell his supporters to tone down the rhetoric and violent threats - and then there is political violence between now and the Inaugural - the risk of their own physical well-being might be enough to turn the impeachment tide against Trump even among some of his ardent supporters in the House and Senate.