In his desperate attempt to cling to the presidency, Donald Trump has sought to sow doubt about the validity of the voting, filed countless evidence-free lawsuits and cowed nearly the entire Republican Party into playing along with his “rigged election” lunacy, clearly unconcerned about the consequences for his party, the nation and even democracy itself.

In this clip Cenk and Ana show a clip from Fox News (of all places) debunking Trump's various unsourced allegations, and then debate the best reaction to Trump's fevered ranting about voter fraud. Ana wonders if, since the courts are not helping Trump and it appears all his efforts to reverse the results of the election will soon fizzle out, it’s just better for the media to ignore him rather than give his lunacy additional oxygen.

Cenk disagrees, arguing that as long as there is a chance, however remote, of Trump stealing the election, it's the media's responsibility to remain vigilant and push back firmly. As long as a significant portion of Republican voters buy into Trump's wild assertions, he says, Republican state legislators will feel pressure, and that pressure could give them the impetus to cast the Constitution aside and outright lie to put Trump back in the Oval Office.