In all the chaos of the upcoming Inauguration, the Capitol insurrection, speculation about what Trump will do in his last days in office and general escalation of the insanity that has been a near-constant throughout the past four years, one question has often been overlooked, and that question is: what is going to happen to the Trump kids, Ivanka, Don jr. and Eric? More precisely, what many are wondering is whether the next generation will carry the Trump stench with them and be relegated to the political and social wilderness by association with their father’s administration.

In this main show clip John, Ken Klippenstein and Jordan Uhl address this key topic, with John suggesting that the video of the Capitol assault will have a lasting impact on the Trumps in a way that’s unlike all the other misdeeds of the administration over the past four years, which might have been overlooked by the Trumps’ fellow coastal elites and voters if any of them choose to run for public office. Ken, by contrast, says that what will likely hamper their political careers is that they simply lack the charisma or whatever the “special sauce” is that their father possesses, so attempts at running for office could be disastrous, even more so in a blue home state like New York where they’ll have even less appeal.

Jordan says the Trump family member he “worries about” the most is Don jr. because he’s the one who’s bathed the most in the MAGA and alt right pool and has made “owning the libs” his brand. As a result, Jordan says, his most likely path is to launch a website or other media enterprise and write more racially-tinged books with titles like “Oh, Did I Trigger You?” and “100 Ways To Trigger the Libs,” and his chances of success without his father in the Oval Office as an amplifier will not be good.

“Oops, I Triggered Again,” John suggests as another possible title, to much laughter.