In the “credit where credit’s due” department, the crew at The Damage Report gave props to Fox News - the Fox & Friends show, specifically - for legitimately fact-based coverage of the coronavirus, detailing how the virus behaves inside the human body and why it can be so deadly.

In this clip John and Francesca express their appreciation that the show brought on Dr. Oz, who John describes as “sort of a doctor,” to explain with high quality graphics how virus particles attach themselves to receptors in the lungs, which triggers an immune system response that can wind up flooding the lungs with fluid, eventually making breathing impossible. Francesca does acknowledge that the network should have been doing this sort of thing six months ago, and it’s pathetic that it took the president’s positive diagnosis to trigger Fox to get serious about coronavirus but hey, better late than never.

John says he wishes that the silver lining of Trump’s catching the ‘rona would be that it leads to right-wing Trump supporters taking the virus more seriously by wearing masks, socially distancing, etc., but sadly he’s seen little evidence of such a shift to date, so he’s not optimistic.