The coming months will be filled with recognition of the one-year anniversaries of countless noteworthy Covid-related events, but few recollections from the past year are more bizarre than when televangelist Kenneth Copeland took to the airways a year ago to “execute judgment” on Satan, demand a vaccination come “immediately” and for Satan to crawl on his belly “like God commanded.”

In this clip from The Damage Report, John and Francesca make note of the anniversary, and then react to Copeland’s stirring, if unsuccessful, performance. Francesca points out the irony that Copeland would be calling out Satan, seeing as how he himself looks so much like “Satan cast in human flesh” with “demons in his skull.” She also suggests a resemblance between Copeland and the tiger Shere Khan in the Jungle Book movie.

John tries to be even-handed and acknowledges that every religion has its “crazies,” but still, he adds, Kenneth Copeland should be a bridge too far. He’s rich and seems compelled to do his act with vigor, John says, but it’s still impossible to conceive how any of the people in the room witnessing these histrionics could think that God would choose as his human vessel on earth the living goblin that is Kenneth Copeland.