Donald Trump has given us so many gifts over the past four years - the word “covfefe,” the nickname “Little Marco” for Marco Rubio, the awareness that windmills cause cancer, the list goes on. And now, as he exits the White House, Trump may give us one last parting gift: a war with Iran.

Yes, as John and Jason Carter discuss in this clip from The Damage Report, Trump opened the year by assassinating an Iranian military leader, almost leading to a wider armed conflict, and now he’s again apparently considering military action, this time a possible strike on Iran’s main nuclear facility. John argues that Trump is likely feeling powerless and dejected as the reality of his electoral loss sets in, and striking out at Iran would provide a way to channel those feelings and show what a “big man” he is while simultaneously causing a huge problem for the incoming Biden administration.

Jason adds that Trump’s narcissism would allow him to think in this way, even though it’s categorically horrific to conceive of going to war just to prop up one individual’s self-image, but with Trump it’s not unthinkable. And if a war helped Trump argue that he couldn’t step down from the presidency in the midst of a national crisis, well, from his perspective that’s a feature, not a bug.