Without Donald Trump around (for the most part) to either lavish praise or criticism on, all sides of the news media are having to recalibrate and figure out how to cover the key political figures cropping up in the headlines as the Trump wake recedes. A case in point is Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz, who was roundly criticized after he notoriously fled for parts south in an effort to wait out the deep freeze that had settled on his home state, but then returned early to deal with the fallout. One part of that effort included holding a photo op in which he was shown handing out water to Texans in a parking lot.

As Ana and Cenk discuss in this clip, Fox and MSNBC both covered the Cruz photo op, with the more “liberal” MSNBC noting the criticism Cruz received for the clearly staged scene while Fox mostly focused on an ostensible investigation into how news of the Senator’s travel plans leaked while briefly describing the Cancun trip as “controversial.” Cenk first calls out Cruz for tweeting out the photos with the hashtag #TexasStrong, which Cenk feels should be reserved for Texans who actually stayed and had to deal with the extreme weather and its effects. Nevertheless, Cenk offers rare compliments to Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough for calling out Cruz on his hypocrisy and general unctuousness.

Ana, meanwhile, says she’s had enough of the practice of media personalities going overboard to protect people in positions of power.

“Imagine being a member of the media defending Ted Cruz right now,” she says. “Imagine how loathsome that is and how embarrassing that is.”