Having lost a handful of House seats after polls predicted potentially dozens of pickups, Democrats nevertheless appear to be adopting a “let bygones be bygones” and “look forward, not backward” approach to House leadership. No blame gaming here! That’s because by a voice vote House Democratic caucus has re-elected Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, pending a later vote in the full chamber, as well as re-uppting the rest of the existing leadership team.

As John and Jayar discuss in this clip from The Damage Report, those electoral losses mean Democrats will have a much narrower majority in the House, but no one in a position to do so appears prepared to hold Pelosi accountable, despite her intimate involvement in selecting primary candidates and her failure to stifle much of Donald Trump’s legislative agenda. John says that Pelosi’s two main selling points are that one, for the caucus, she is a prodigious fundraiser and makes it rain on fellow House Dems; and two, every few months she does some piece of performative theater to tweak Trump, which excites Democratic voters’ reptilian anger toward the president.

Jayar, meanwhile, cautions viewers against conflating Pelosi’s running unopposed with actual popularity - it’s more about the sclerotic Democratic Party power structure and Pelosi is merely benefiting without delivering any actual wins, he says.