By: Zach Shucklin

Looks like the 2020 race is heating up! Earlier today Sen. Elizabeth Warren joined Cenk and Ana on The Young Turks to explain her new bold proposal to refuse big donors and private fundraisers after the primaries. Read her announcement here on Medium!

Primaries, she explained, allow candidates to "build the grassroots foundation of how we're going to run in the general election and how we're going to make real change after we win." Shedding wealthy donors is definitely the right move for Warren—she’s received an outpour of small donations and plans to build her campaign through “person-to-person” volunteers.

She clarified to Uygur that her proposal to reject big money is, "...for primaries. Look, I do not believe in unilateral disarmament. We need to win. We need to win in 2020. When we hit 2020 and we're in a race against Donald Trump...we play by the same rules and in that one I say, we got to be all in because we have to beat the Republicans."

This is the progressive approach Warren is banking on to tackle republicans in the general. “We have a chance to build something special,” said Warren. “We have a chance to build something that is a rock-solid foundation." Something Republicans hopefully won’t have as Trump’s approval rating continues to plummet.

Check out the interview: