The Democrats may have come up short when it came to the impeachment of Donald Trump, and talk of barring him from future office using the 14th Amendment has been pretty much shut down, and there’s no indication that the Justice Department will be pursuing any sort of case against the 45th President, but don’t for one minute think the Democrats have given up. That’s because they plan to appoint… [drumroll please]… a fact finding commission to look into the US Capitol riots that took place on January 6th! And not just any kind of commission — a 9/11-style commission!

As Ana and Cenk discuss in this clip, the most likely outcome of this sort of commission is not going to be a stern rebuke of Donald Trump or his marauding minions, but rather increased security measures, additional surveillance powers granted to the state and a general crackdown on left-leaning groups, in particular civil rights groups. That’s how these measures work out, Cenk says, because right wing extremists tend to get the kid glove treatment since they tend to serve the powerful anyway and the ranks of law enforcement are filled with their sympathizers, whereas left wing groups are perceived as a threat to the status quo, so the authorities are happy to run with their new powers and redouble their efforts at suppressing leftist dissent.

Even more maddening, Cenk says, is that Democratic voters have been so terrified by right wing violence and the attack on the Capitol that they’ll willingly go along with giving up their rights and cheer loudly as Nancy Pelosi joins hands with Lindsey Graham and her Republican colleagues to pass these repressive measures. “Democrats are the worst and the weakest party ever,” Cenk adds.