This weekend, in a surprise move, Donald Trump tweeted out his acknowledgement that Joe Biden had won the presidential election. Not only were many members of the public surprised, but apparently so was Donald Trump himself, because he quickly “corrected” the error by tweeting out (in all caps, natch) “I CONCEDE NOTHING.” You know, just like a normal president absolutely does.

Having predicted that Trump would concede and un-concede repeatedly throughout the lame duck period, Cenk seized the opportunity to record this YouTube Live video, in which he breaks down the President’s latest Twitter storm, while also sharing his thoughts on die-hard Trump supporters who are willfully blind to what a huge baby their hero is, as well as the media that enables them to keep thinking Trump is not an absolute horror show.

Along the way Cenk compares Trump to a game show contestant in a plexiglass chamber attempting to grab as many dollar bills blowing around them as possible in a limited amount of time, and also speculated about when Trump will transition from merely whining and complaining on Twitter to literally using crying emojis to express his bitterness at losing the election.