Should giant social media corporations serve as gatekeepers of the news we consume by censoring content that appears on their platforms or should they allow virtually any content to run, regardless of sourcing or veracity? That’s the question raised once again after Twitter and Facebook limited users’ access to a recent New York Post story purporting to show evidence of influence peddling in Ukraine by Hunter Biden involving his father when Joe Biden was Vice President.

As Cenk and Ana discuss in this clip, the story is sourced to Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, which automatically raises red flags, and is ostensibly based on emails retrieved from a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden. Nevertheless, both TYT hosts agree that social media companies are in no position to be evaluating the validity of news stories, and actions like these only fan the flames of victimhood coming from the right wing.

And while Cenk nevertheless suggests it might be possible for these social media platforms to find an evenhanded means of determining standards that can be applied to news content, Ana says she would prefer for corporations to stay out of the censorship business and just remain as open outlets in the marketplace of ideas where facts and evidence can combat misinformation and deception.