Donald Trump has followed through on his threat to release the audio of his recent 60 Minutes interview with reporter Leslie Stahl - or at least the portion before he stormed off in a huff like an angry toddler being told he couldn’t watch another episode of The Wiggles. But what is his motivation, to the extent that anyone can ever understand what passes for logical thought processing in Trump’s brain? That’s the question John and Jayar address in this clip from The Damage Report.

Specifically, Jayar floats the theory that, since Trump is obsessed with TV ratings, he believes he can undercut 60 Minutes by releasing his audio clips now, and then fewer viewers will tune in for the televised version on Sunday. John, meanwhile, looks for an electoral strategy in the move, but comes up empty. Could the audio stir up his base any more than they’re already stirred, he asks? Not likely. But is it going to bring in any more votes? Also unlikely, John says.

Ultimately, the most likely answer, John suggests, is that Trump knows that he threw a hissy fit after being asked tough questions, and his only play is to try to preempt that recognition from the wider audience by grousing about how “unfair” Leslie Stahl was, so his storming off was somehow an act of manliness and taking control of the situation.