Until recently, Tim Boyd was the mayor of a small West Texas town called Colorado City. Boyd was forced to resign, however, after he took to social media to criticize Texans who expressed hopes that the government would step in and offer assistance to those suffering without heat, water and electricity during the current statewide crisis. Specifically, in the now-deleted post Boyd said that neither city and county officials nor power providers owe residents anything, so people need to figure out how to get water and heat for themselves or else just, well, die.

In this clip Ana and John discuss Boyd’s tone-deaf and, frankly, bizarre post, with Ana reminding viewers that Texans pride themselves on being an energy-producing state and on their deeply held belief in the free market, two traits that have taken a significant hit during this latest crisis. She adds that while Texas conservatives no doubt would argue in favor of small, limited government, even they would likely disagree with Boyd that the government and power companies should play no role in trying to assist people who are in great peril because of a lack of basic services during a deadly weather event.

John notes that Boyd has caused some confusion by indicating (without offering proof) that he actually resigned BEFORE sending out the notorious social media post, but either way, he argues, if this guy ever wants to get back into politics, residents of Colorado City should ask him some tough questions about his opinions about the role of government and whether he’d rather see them die than come to him and other officials for a “handout” in a time of crisis.