For many, the fact that Congressman Matt Gaetz comes across like the bizarre love child formed by the illicit coupling of Eddie Haskell with a can of 40-weight motor oil and a pair of novelty chattering teeth is enough to pass judgment on the Trump-loving Florida Republican. But for those who were not yet convinced, revelations that Gaetz is currently being investigated by the Department of Justice on multiple counts of alleged sex trafficking should all but shut the case.

As Ana and Farron Cousins discuss in this clip, the investigation into Gaetz began well over a year ago and then-Attorney General Bob Barr was briefed on the matter, so painting this as some sort of Democrat-let witch hunt will be a tough sell for Gaetz and his GOP supporters. Although there may be fewer of those GOP supporters than one might think, Ana says. It turns out that GOP Congressional staffers have been revealing all kinds of sordid details about Gaetz to the press, including that many offices refused to let their members do press conferences with Gaetz for fear of the inevitable scandal that would engulf him, and that an end-of-session cleanup of Gaetz’s office revealed an “empty CostCo-sized box of bareskin Trojan condoms.”

Farron adds that there’s another good reason for Republicans to distance themselves from Gaetz. His Florida district is reliably Republican, Farron says, which means that if this scandal ends Gaetz’s career, another Republican is sure to win the special election to replace him, and that Republican will be much less of a lightning rod for controversy, will give leadership fewer headaches and, as an added bonus, won’t cause them to blow through their condom budget nearly as quickly.