Sometimes it’s necessary to rationalize, justify and tell ourselves pretty little lies just to get through the day. Or, in the case of Meghan McCain, to get through a segment on The View. Case in point, when confronted with co-host Sunny Hostin’s description of the current Republican Party as in thrall to Trump, QAnon and neo-Confederates, McCain reacted with umbrage, insisting that Hostin’s fact-based assessment was an intellectually dishonest generalization and if Republicans were the party of QAnon, then Democrats were the party of “socialism, late-term abortion, cancel culture,” and burning down cities like Kenosha, Wisconsin with no consequences.

In this clip Ana and Aida light into McCain for her ignorance and self-deception about the reality of not only the Republican Party, but the Democratic Party as well. Ana attributes McCain’s thickheadedness to laziness, which is a trait Ana has personally observed in the View host, then rhetorically inquires why, if Democrats are so beholden to socialists, they elected corporatist Joe Biden President and, with control of both the House and the Senate, how come they can’t even pass a $15 an hour minimum wage?

Aida is even more irate at McCain, who she says is bathed in white privilege and the benefits of white supremacy, yet still sits her “crunchy ass” on a network sound stage every day and grouses at the working class people and people of color who are putting in the hard, risky labor to keep her pampered and safe throughout a pandemic.