Few Americans could say they weren’t shocked by the footage yesterday of Trump supporters in Washington DC overrunning police barricades and breaking into the Capitol Building, forcing lawmakers to flee and resulting in widespread looting and one protester being shot dead by police. A question that many have raised is simply how such a thing could happen — how law enforcement numbers could have been so insufficient on a date when anyone paying even a modicum of attention to politics knew would be a flashpoint as legislators gathered to officially confirm the Electoral College vote to usher in Joe Biden’s presidency.

That’s certainly a question Ana and John were asking, in this clip noting not only the scant police presence, but also the friendly demeanor cops took toward the invading hordes, with one video showing police opening up the barricades to let protestors in and another depicting an invading Trump supporter inside the Capitol taking a selfie with a smiling officer. One problem, of course, that John identifies is the close relationship that police tend to have with right wing protestors — an affinity that leads cops to treat Proud Boys and their ilk with kid gloves, as opposed to the often brutal treatment Black Lives Matter protesters have received at law enforcement’s hands this past year.

Ana says she finds it virtually impossible that police were unaware of the likelihood of masses of “Trump goons” arriving at the Capitol, especially considering the show of force DC Police put on for BLM over the summer, so the question now becomes precisely WHY police were unprepared. Whether we ever find out the answer to that question remains up in the air, however, because, as she adds, Democrats would have to fight to find out and hold those responsible accountable, and that’s just not very like them.