Ever since Donald Trump won the Republican primary in 2016, Mitch McConnell has acted to support, defend and promote Trump in every substantive way possible, but has reserved the right to occasionally criticize Trump in ways that don’t actually mean anything. That, however, is not good enough for colossal Trump bootlickers like Sean Hannity, who recently lit into McConnell after the Senate Minority Leader objected to the ex-President’s actions that led to a mob storming the US Capitol building. Hannity specifically pointed to the “thousands” of people who “spontaneously” lined up on Florida roadways to cheer as Trump’s motorcade passed by and wondered, “How come you never had this kind of enthusiasm at any of your events, Mitch?”

In this clip from The Damage Report, John and Ben Dixon address the growing intra-GOP battle between Trump dead-enders like Hannity and the corporatists like McConnell who would just as soon move on from the tumultuous Trump years. Ben argues that McConnell has “played” himself by trying to have it both ways while John points out that Trump’s parade was anything but spontaneous, and had been in the works for over a week.

And while John compares the ongoing Trump adoration from Republicans to “North Korean dictator worship,” he says that if the former President wants to continue reveling in the love of his fans in this manner, he should keep doing so as long as it keeps him out of politics. But John also points out to Hannity that despite Trump’s popularity he STILL lost to Joe Biden by some 7 million votes, whereas low-enthusiasm, no-rallies-having Mitch McConnell managed to win HIS election. So who’s the real loser?