Monday’s big news was, of course, the release of an audio recording of a call placed by Donald Trump to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger during which the President alternately cajoles, begs and threatens Raffensperger, all in an effort to change the already-certified results of the state’s presidential election. The call has sparked renewed demands for impeachment, prosecution of the President and various other punitive responses, but of course nothing of the kind will happen because at this point outrageous behavior from Trump has been normalized, and members of both parties have learned to play their proper role of either feigning outrage, defending the President’s actions or, in the case of Maine Senator Susan Collins, furrowing her brow and expressing “concern.”

In this clip from The Damage Report, John airs a portion of the hour-long audio recording - specifically the part where Trump slurringly dismisses Raffensperger’s point that the President shouldn’t believe everything he reads on social media, saying he gets his news from “Trump media” and disagrees with Raffensperger over whether Georgia has an accurate vote count. John equates Trump to the crazy drunk next to you at the bar spouting off and expresses disagreement with those who compare Trump to a mob boss, noting that mafiosi are far smarter and more careful about what they say when talking on the phone.

Francesca, meanwhile, points out that while Raffensperger is no knight in shining armor, he does deserve credit for risking the rage of the right-wing hordes for defying the President and making the recording public.