Democrats made a number of promises on the campaign trail in 2020, and one they apparently intend to keep is the pledge to bring up DC statehood for a vote in the United States Congress. On Thursday the House took a giant leap forward toward adding DC as the 51st state with a 216-208 party line vote, and the bill now moves to the Senate, where its future remains murky. Nevertheless, for statehood activists who have been pushing to make this happen for literally decades, yesterday was a historic and memorable day.

In this clip from The Damage Report, John and longtime DC resident Bridget Todd discuss the prospects for DC statehood, as well as the weak Republican arguments against. Bridget calls statehood “one of the biggest racial justice and civil justice issues of our time,” while acknowledging that the Senate may be a tougher row to hoe, what with certain “centrist” Democrats already expressing ambivalence about the bill, as well as the omnipresent threat of the filibuster.

Watch the full clip for the hosts’ additional thoughts, including:

  • What they suggest Republicans could do to make DC statehood work for the GOP
  • What car dealerships and logging ostensibly have to do with statehood
  • A suggestion on how one GOP rep can personally reduce the crime rate in DC