Remember when Obama came into office in 2009 and promptly announced a policy of “looking forward, not backward” when it came to prosecuting war criminals, torturers and other malefactors in the Bush administration? What do you think, was that a smart policy or did he merely serve to whitewash rampant criminality and undermine the rule of law?

As Cenk and Ana discuss in this clip, we may soon get to make a similar evaluation, as Joe Biden recently suggested that he has no plans to investigate Donald Trump or use the Department of Justice to prosecute Trump for his abuses of power while in office. Ana finds such an announcement incredible, considering that Trump’s crimes aren’t even in the past and he’s currently attempting to steal an election from Biden himself. Cenk, meanwhile, says Biden needs to wake up and face reality if he thinks that by not investigating the previous administration, that will encourage Trump to fade away.

Trump still retains a great deal of power in the Republican Party and has, quote, “an absolute death lock on their minds,” Cenk says. “It’s not the Republican party, it’s the Trump party. Wakey wakey, Joe Biden. Trump is not going to go away."