A county sheriff in Michigan has come under fire amid demands for his resignation after he seemed to defend the right-wing terrorist militia members who were arrested by the FBI for plotting to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

As Emma and Jayar discuss in this clip, Barry County Sheriff Dar Leaf (yes, that’s his real name) even shared a stage with the would-be kidnappers at an “American Patriot Rally-Sheriffs Speak Out" event in Grand Rapids earlier this year. More recently he sought to downplay the severity of the men’s actions, suggesting that perhaps they were merely trying to make a citizen’s arrest of the governor, as if that’s remotely likely or acceptable.

While Emma is not prepared to paint Leaf as a villain, she agrees that he should resign and can’t possibly represent the interests of the people of Barry County. Jayar, meanwhile, says that Leaf is a disgrace, and if he can’t see that these militant criminals are “bad guys,” then he has no business being a sheriff, and just gives credence to the idea that law enforcement is filled with Trump-supporting white supremacists.