if you expected Wednesday’s shocking events in Washington DC to wake Joe Biden from the somnolent posture he adopted and has maintained at almost all times since the early days of the presidential campaign, you were likely disappointed. But contrasted with the President-Elect’s standard-issue calls for “calm” and “bipartisanship,” progressive Democrats were reading the riot act and preparing to hold Donald Trump and his Republican enablers accountable. Case in point: newly elected Missouri Democrat Cori Bush, who accused the Republicans who questioned the results of the 2020 election of inciting domestic terror and said she would be introducing a resolution calling for their expulsion from Congress.

In this clip Ana and John praise Bush for her aggressive posture while lamenting the utter lack of serious attempts by Democrats to hold Trump and his cronies accountable for inciting violence and undermining democracy. Ana says she doesn’t want to hear another peep from the Biden administration about bipartisanship and “looking backward, not forward” as if the events of January 6th are some anomaly and the feelings that inspired them will magically disappear once Trump is out of office.

Biden needs to prosecute all the domestic terrorists who invaded the Capitol building, Ana says, and he needs to prosecute Donald Trump for inciting them. And the rest of us need to apply pressure to make him do it, she says, and to support Cori Bush and others seeking to hold Republicans accountable for their actions.

Watch the full clip here.