For those who don't know, TYT and The Young Turks are actually two different entities at our company. This matters because each show and host within the network has his, her, or their own opinions.

TYT is the entire network. TYT represents the whole spectrum of progressive thought. All are welcome - from leftists to mainstream progressives to moderates. Our hosts and audience present his, her, or their own viewpoints, exchange ideas and grow from one another.

The Young Turks is the flagship show of the network. The Young Turks is mainstream progressive. We believe in a Bernie-Sanders-style economic populism, fighting for issues like higher minimum wage; paid family leave; Medicare for All; an end to gerrymandering; and, most importantly, an end to the corruption brought by the private financing of elections. We fight for human rights and justice for all. We also keep an open mind for what are the best policies and strategies to get to these goals. The most radical positions are not always the correct ones. We believe the majority of the country is mainstream progressive but never gets the policies it wants because of corruption and endless factionalism. We are the show for the great majority of the country that is open-hearted and open-minded.