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An Exclusive Series by TYT Investigates...


TYT Investigates

In a new series, we're revealing long-held secrets about the Fellowship Foundation, the secretive religious group that runs the National Prayer Breakfast and is popularly known as The Family. This series is based on Family documents obtained by TYT, including lists of breakfast guests and who invited them. You can find the series here, or scroll down for a list of all the stories in this series, as well as to previous reports related to The Family.

Bias, Theocracy, and Lies at the National Prayer Breakfast

This overview piece begins our series and previews the reporting we'll be doing, revealing that invitations to the National Prayer Breakfast come not from Congress, but from The Family. And, it turns out, The Family members sending out the most invitations are overwhelmingly Republican. Read More...

How Mike Lindell Found Jesus Christ...and Donald Trump

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell didn't just wake up one day a theocratic, evangelical Republican. This is the story of how Family insiders radicalized Lindell religiously and politically. Read More...

In related stories, we reveal new details about Family involvement in two key aspects of Lindell's life:

Vargas Headlines Anti-LGBTQ Event in Ukraine

At a time of surging white, Christian nationalism, we found Democrats participating in this religious, anti-LGBTQ prayer breakfast event in Ukraine. Rep. Juan Vargas (D-CA), an LGBTQ ally in the United States, was a featured participant at the anti-LGBTQ event in Ukraine. The annual event is also a hub for opponents of reproductive rights, and this year included a side discussion on “defending ... conservative values.” Read More...

LGBTI Group Warns Democrats About Prayer Breakfasts

A European LGBTI organization is asking congressional Democrats to “watch out” when asked to participate in prayer breakfasts and similar gatherings, warning that such events are used by far-right groups to spread their influence. In an Intelligence Brief sent to Congressional Democrats, the group named Rep. Juan Vargas (D-CA) and claimed he was "Misled." Read More...

Democrats Invited Anti-LGBTQ Ukrainians to the National Prayer Breakfast

Why would congressional Democrats invite two dozen anti-LGBTQ politicians and civic leaders from Ukraine to attend America’s National Prayer Breakfast? Read More...

Previous Reporting

Earlier stories, reported before we obtained internal Family documents, revealed other aspects of The Family's political activites, here, and around the world.

Democrats Support Prayer Breakfast After Its Leaders Backed Trump Lies

Prayer Breakfast Leaders Backed Trump's Election Lies

At the Head of the National Prayer Breakfast, a GOP Megadonor

Another Member of Congress Drops the National Prayer Breakfast

CIA Vet: Russian Ties to Prayer Breakfast Part of Influence Operations

Christian Group Reported Expenses for Having Russians at National Prayer Breakfast

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