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Campaign Organizer

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Permanent,Full Time

About TYT

TYT is the world's most unapologetically progressive news outlet distributing our content digitally on our own apps, social media, digital TV platforms, podcasts. We have over 15 billion views and millions of viewers who tune into TYT programming daily. TYT is largely member-supported.

Job Description

The Campaign Organizer role will lead projects that have the potential to benefit audience / community members and the overarching mission of TYT:

  • Provide those who desire to do more than passively consume media with a pathway for active participation
  • Provide a safe, fun, entertaining environment that fosters the free exchange of ideas and active participation in TYT’s engagement ladder
  • Participate in the creation of real-world impacts - “intrinsic rewards” that leading game theory suggests as a more sustainable and deeply fulfilling approach to building a community

Here are what we believe to be the most important elements of campaign execution:

  • Keep campaign alive by keeping supporters (ie, those who have signed the petition) engaged through regular updates and requests for action / next steps.
  • Focus on the virality of campaign materials - the broader the reach, the more supporters we can gain, the more referral traffic to, movement through engagement ladder, etc.
  • To achieve optimal reach, an aggressive, metric-driven experimental approach needs to be applied. The Campaign Organizer must manage performance analytics from selected tactics to drive desired outcomes.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Identify campaign opportunities that generate meaningful, real-world impacts
  • Develop campaign strategy
  • Organize all campaigns, including research, writing, publishing, promotion, networking, and community support
  • Optimize campaign execution techniques for promotional function and campaign coordination (for example: social media, graphics,
  • Collaborate with other TYT teams for campaign support, including marketing, programming, TYT moderators, engineering, and customer service
  • Support and manage TYT Army volunteer team projects for campaign support
  • Meet stated campaign objectives for milestone achievement and, ultimately, attainment of stated goal
  • Complete campaign celebration and closure
  • Master various sources of engagement and growth data, including Google Analytics, Facebook and Google post engagement and ad platform reporting, email engagement, reporting & supporting analytics for selected campaign growth tactics



  • Strong understanding and support of progressive values and policies
  • Affinity for TYT and hosts
  • Strong research skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • Strong public speaking skills
  • Technically proficient; interested and capable of learning new technologies
  • Strong leadership skills, including planning and delivery, constructive communication, conflict-resolution, and strategic thinking

Minimum 1 year experience

  • training, managing, and supporting teams of volunteers
  • keeping volunteer teams self-sufficient and self-motivated
  • organizing political campaigns
  • utilizing social media for campaigns
  • utilizing chat rooms for team coordination
  • utilizing conference calls for team coordination cultivating relationships with coalitions of organizations and influencers


  • Led minimum of $10k fundraising campaigns / 250 supporters
  • Proven ability to communicate and connect with the TYT audience
  • Working or volunteering on electoral campaigns
  • Experience building volunteer systems and team structures
  • Experience reading and analyzing policy
  • Working with elected officials to pass legislation
  • Experience utilizing data for project management


Bachelor degree or higher in related field (ex: political science, sociology, psychology)


TYT is an Equal Opportunity Employer


[email protected]

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