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Matthew Sheffield

Matthew Sheffield is national correspondent for TYT. A former Republican media consultant, he brings an in-depth knowledge of right-wing extremism to his journalism. Before joining TYT, Matthew worked at The Hill where he created and analyzed public opinion polls on a variety of policy areas and news topics. His surveys and analyses have been cited by presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders and many major news outlets.

Earlier, Matthew was a staff reporter at Salon, where he wrote about numerous topics, including technology policy, elections, the media industry, and the rise of right-wing movements in the United States. In his reporting, he exposed a secret network of salacious blogs set up for Fox News founder Roger Ailes that targeted women who worked for the network. He also exposed a security vulnerability in Google’s AMP standard.

Before joining Salon, Matthew ran a marketing and technology company which catered to Republican campaigns, organizations, and publications. He also produced two television shows and provided web development and hosting services to numerous clients.

Matthew and his work have been profiled and cited by many media outlets including the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, NBC, and CNN. He is also the host of the podcast Theory of Change.