April 6

4/7 Wisconsin Primary

The Wisconsin Primary is scheduled to happen next Tuesday, April 7th. Barring any changes, we'll be covering and analyzing results from our remote set-ups.

Buckle up because we've got a great programming schedule for you all on that Tuesday so be sure to tune in on TYT.com/Live or on YouTube:

After The Young Turks, Post Game will be one hour long and available to everyone at 7pm ET/4pm PT

Old School makes a comeback with a new one hour episode, also available for everyone at 8pm ET/5pm PT

Our Wisconsin Primary coverage will start at 9pm ET/6pm PT with extended coverage for members at TYT.com/Join.

You guys help make this kind of programming possible by donating at TYT.com/GO or becoming a member at TYT.com/Join

Getting ready...
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