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January 30

Programming Update: The Watchlist at a New Time!

We've made some scheduling changes to bring you The Watchlist at its new time. Starting Monday, February 6th join Jayar Jackson on The Watchlist at 5pm ET/2pm PT [Subscribe Here] (!

We're closing the chapter on Deep Dive with Jordan Uhl, the Twitchuation Room, Rayyactions with Rayyvana, and Galaxy Brain with Ben Carollo. Thank you for watching and supporting our shows. Please see below on how you can stay connected with each of the hosts. Of course, you'll still see them across all TYT live programming.

Find Jordan Uhl weekly on Fridays with Gamebusters on Twitch.TV/TYT following The Young Turks Bonus Episode at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT

Find Rayyvana on Rebel HQ where she highlights right-wing hypocrisy, discusses LGBTQ+ news, and talks about system failures. [Watch Here] (! Find Ben Carollo on The Breakdown where she critiques capitalism, speaks about LGBTQIA+ issues, and provides social media commentary. [Watch Here] (!

Soon: Find Francesca Fiorentini on Rebel HQ. Stay tuned for more!