September 5

Submit your art to ShopTYT

We want your designs (and input) for ShopTYT!

Submit a design highlighting what Climate Change means to you.

To submit a design to ShopTYT, please upload an original image you created in the comments below. It could appear on shirts, mugs, and other merchandise! If we choose your design, you will receive $100 or ShopTYT merchandise equivalent in value.

If you're just here to vote on designs submitted by others, be sure to "like" the one you'd like to see on ShopTYT (the ideas with the most likes will receive higher priority).

If we choose your design, we will reach out to you via your TYT account email address with more details.

We can't wait to see what you come up with so submit, comment, and like away!

We are going to review submissions on September 18th.

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