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December 6

Update on Mariguana

Several years ago, TYT adopted Mariguana. We built a home for him and many of you in the audience helped to fund the enclosure that’s kept Mariguana comfortable for many years. Mariguana grew up with TYT but he’s also outgrown the home we have for him.

Recently, we came to the difficult decision of finding Mariguana a new home so that he can thrive and grow to the fullest.

Finding the right caretaker and home for Mariguana is very important to us. We reached out to dozens of zoos, shelters, rescues, sanctuaries and enthusiasts. After a thorough search, we were successful in finding him an excellent forever home.

We’re sad to see Mariguana go but also find comfort in knowing that he will be more comfortable in his new home.

We’re going to miss Mariguana and he will always be part of the TYT family.