March 18

For Members: Main Show Publishing Update

Beginning Monday, March 18th, The Young Turks will be published for members as three, daily, one-hour episodes split into the following segments:

  1. Hour 1
  2. Hour 2
  3. The Conversation
  4. Post Game will reamin as Members Only content published separately

We’re doing this because now, as a member, you’ll be able to watch the full show much sooner after airing. This change reduces publishing times by a lot. The only difference now is you’ll watch it as Hour 1, Hour 2, and The Conversation. Post Game is still available for Members Only every night after The Conversation. This will also affect podcasts, so if you listen to The Young Turks members podcast, you’ll now listen as three different segments.

If you haven’t already, you can watch the full show on demand by becoming a member at TYT.COM / JOIN

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