April 12

Game of Thrones Review Specials

The final season of Game of Thrones premieres this Sunday, April 14th, and House TYT will be here to provide our reactions to the new episode. You can watch Sunday on TYT.com/Live starting at 9pm ET. John, Brett, Brooke, and Adrienne will be your cast of characters for the night.

Similar to other cable related coverage, you'll need Game of Thrones on one screen and TYT on another screen. It'll be side by side viewing to watch us react to the episode.

Immediately after the episode, the hosts will provide an in-depth review including full analysis and their predictions for the next episode. During this part of our coverage, the first half of the analysis is available for everyone. To watch the full show, become a member at TYT.com/Join.

Full Schedule:

  1. 4/14: John, Brett, Brooke, Adrienne
  2. 4/21: Cenk, Ben, Brett, John
  3. 4/28: Cenk, John, Brett, Aida
  4. 5/5: Ben, John, Brooke, Brett
  5. 5/12: Cenk, Ben, Brooke, John
  6. 5/19: Cenk, Ben, John, Brett, Aida

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