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October 2

The New Homepage of the Progressive Movement

We are excited to announce the launch of Operation Hope which is now visible on the homepage of Operation Hope is the hub for progressives so that, together, we can drive toward positive change. Here's more about Operation Hope:

We are going to create hope and release it into the world. Hope that something positive can be accomplished for the average American. Hope that working together can help create that change. Hope that change is possible. Hope that we can revive democracy and breathe new life into it.

We are going to find this hope by starting to work together on a joint project. We will start with trying to pass paid family leave. This is just an example and just the beginning. The idea is that we gather in one place, come up with ideas on how to advance our goals, we prioritize, and then execute those ideas and we do that over and over again until we learn what works. Then we perfect our winning strategies until we knock down the door of intransigence and replace it with an open door of hope. A hope that we citizens might be able to govern ourselves.

From our watering hole of collaboration, multiple springs of hope will flow until they become mighty streams of righteousness. Our hope – and our effort – is to turn those streams into gardens that create fruitful change in the world.

[Click Here to Read Cenk Uygur's First Post on Operation Hope] (