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Apr 29, 2022

After 15 years of wrongful imprisonment, a rediscovered rape kit has freed a Detroit man. Adrienne Lawrence and Kyla Frank discuss on Indisputable. Tell us what you think in the comments below.
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"A 15-year-old victim had described her attacker as a man with braids and a puzzle tattoo on his arm.
Another girl, only 13, told authorities a man — said by authorities to be the same one — had held her at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her in an alleyway not far from the first crime scene in Detroit, leaving behind a used condom. She helped police create a composite sketch, which was hung in a nearby liquor store.
Terance Calhoun was arrested there Nov. 3, 2006, on the suspicion of attempted rape in the first case and rape in the second, among other things."*
Indisputable, features Dr. Richey talking about the top news stories of the day, reading viewer comments, and engaging in debates and conversations with guests.
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